MSN-Health Systems Management

The Health Systems Management Track is designed to prepare graduates with advanced knowledge, skills, values, meanings, and experiences to manage health care of populations in the evolving health care delivery system. The graduate will have competency in population and epidemiological assessment, organization behavior, human resource management, health policy, and health care delivery systems. The graduate will have the ability to apply evidence-based interventions and interdisciplinary care models to design, implement, and evaluate health care programs for a selected population. Clinical experiences are designed to develop expertise in evaluation of outcomes data for the selected population. A unique feature of this track is the ability to select a focus area such as Education, Advanced Clinician, Faith Community Nursing, Informatics, or an individualized course of study. This track can be completed in four semesters of full-time study (36-37 credits). Students completing this program receive a Master of Science in Nursing degree.

Admission Criteria:

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Please contact Admissions for additional information at 540-665-4581 


Degee Requirements:

The degree requirement is 37-38 semester hours with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Limit of two Cs in program. Clinical practicum is approximately 480 clock hours.

Core Courses:

Course Title Hrs.
N 506 Applied Data Analysis 
N 512  Theory & Research I 
N 521  Theory & Research II 
N 532  Issue in Health Care 

Specialty Courses:

Course Title Hrs.
HSM 640 Health Systems Management I 3
HSML 650 Health Systems Management Practicum I 3*
HSM 660 Health Systems Management II 3
HSML 670 Management Practicum II 3*

* denotes clinical course 1 credit hour = 4 clock hours

Specialized Focus Area:

Students will pick a focus area and complete 12 credits in this area. These include management, advanced clinician, faith community nurse, nursing education, informatics, or individualized course of study.



Course  Title  Hrs. 
Acct 501   
MGT 513  
ECN 501   
MGT 611   



Course  Title  Hrs. 
N 502   
MGT 513   
ECN 501   
MGT 611   


% denotes prerequisite to other Education courses

Graduate that chooses the education focus area will also receive a Certificate in Nursing Education.


Advanced Clinician:


Course  Title  Hrs. 
N 550  Advanced Pharmacology 
N 560  Advanced Pathophysiology 
N 550  Advanced Health Promotion  4* 
  Graduate Nursing Elective 

* denotes clinical course 1 credit hour = 4 clock hours

 Faith Community Nursing:


Course Title Hrs. 
N 533  Faith Community Nursing  4
N 535  Faith Community Nurse Coordinator 
HPXX  World Religions(TBD)  3
HPXX Pastoral Counseling 
  OR another approved 2 credit course 



Course Title Hrs.
N 600  Data, Information, & Knowledge  3^
N 610  Information & Health Care  3^
N 620  Information Systems & Life Cycle  3^
  Graduate Nursing Elective  

 ^ denotes that the student takes approved courses from another university and transfers in to complete requirements.

Individualized Design:

Forensic Nursing (partner with Johns Hopkins University)
HP 583 Genetics
Interdisciplinary Ethics 
2 more courses