Family Nurse Practitioner

Being a family nurse practitioner is almost like being one of the family

There is a sense of awe to participating in the health care of patients and their families. It is a precious trust given when patients are at their most vulnerable times for care and cure.  Guiding patients to the realization that their health choices will affect their well being, and what that impact will ultimately be on their overall health, is at the core of the family nurse practitioner-patient experience.

A nurse practitioner is someone who is caring, empathetic and committed – someone who is interested in helping patients gain control of their health and become and active partner in wellness.  It is someone who understands illness, but focuses on prevention and families


Family Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who:

- Monitor the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of families throughout life.

- Have advanced training and education which prepares them to provide quality healthcare to all ages

- Emphasize family and include families as an integral component in successful evaluation and treatment

- Focus on wellness and treating the whole person in addition to the patient’s presenting complaint

- Diagnose and manage most common acute and chronic illnesses, including ordering laboratory tests and x-rays , and prescribing medication.

- Are good listeners and use their nursing experience and skills to provide safe and effective healthcare

- Work in a variety of rural and urban settings, delivering quality, cost-effective healthcare.

- Work independently or as part of a health-care team.


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