Undergraduate Nursing Experience

As an undergraduate nursing student, you will have a rigorous and challenging academic program. But there’s plenty of time for bonding with your fellow students and taking advantage of the college experience. Here are a few of the many ways to get involved.

 Student Organizations

Nursing offers many opportunities for students to get involved. Students can become members of various nursing organizations, such as the Student Nurses Association (SNA). We have an active SNA chapter that arrange events throughout the year and holds fund raisers for charities and for student needs.

Every year, the Rho Pi chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the International Nursing Honor Society, selects outstanding SU nursing students to join its ranks. This prestigious organization recognizes student academic success and helps student nurses make professional contacts and explore career opportunities.

Mission Trips

Every year, Shenandoah University offers several opportunities to attend domestic and international mission trips. In recent years, the School of Nursing has coordinated a mission trip opportunity to Brazil, traveling on a medical mission boat and delivering much needed health care to remote populations along the Amazon. In early 2012, Midwifery faculty coordinated a mission trip to Nicaragua.

Study Abroad

Shenandoah University has a vibrant study abroad program, offering students many opportunities to explore other cultures firsthand. In addition to programs offered through the University’s International Cross-Cultural Center, SU Nursing periodically offers Nursing courses overseas. In past years, the School has offered opportunities to study in Thailand, Guatemala, Ireland and Tanzania.