RN to BSN Program

The School of Nursing offers advanced placement for Registered Nurses holding an associate’s degree or a diploma in nursing. For RNs admitted into the program, advanced placement by transfer credit is offered for prerequisite course requirements and nursing courses from other institutions of higher education. Upon admission, students may complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis. Students having scheduling space in their academic load may begin taking selected master’s level nursing courses with permission of the advisor.

Students admitted to the program may challenge the 201 Health Assessment course for credit. All required upper-division course work for the RN to BSN track must be completed within five years of matriculation into the program.

Admissions requirements:

RN to BSN Curriculum Requirements

Please contact Admissions for additional information at 540-665-4581 

Nursing N 201 Health Assessment Challenge RN- BSN

Shenandoah University’s School of Nursing offers to students admitted to the RN-BSN or program the option to  challenge the N 201 Health Assessment course for credit. Students may take and pass the Health Assessment NLN Standardized exam for advanced placement. Students will pay the examination fee of $75 to the Shenandoah University Business Office and must also meet the 30 credit residency required to graduate from Shenandoah University.

Purpose: Evaluates understanding of the general health assessment and physical examination techniques used to evaluate the health status of adults and children. Reflects nurse-client encounters in a variety of healthcare setting, using a body systems approach for evaluation physical data-gathering techniques. Includes items on interviewing , obtaining health history, general screening, and documentation. Health status and developmental stages of clients are also considered.

Format: 102-item, four-option multiple choices.

Administration:  Can be administered in two hours.

Scoring: A total score (decision score) is provided to be used when awarding credit for advanced placement in an RN nursing program. A decision score of 78 or 50th percentile is a passing score. To register, please print this form and follow instructions.